After confessing her love for Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya, she finally got someone who pampers her with money and attention and love.

According to the controversial queen, the man has been a widower since his wife’s death

in 2007. Manzi wa Kibera is not new to the field of controversy and clout chasing but it is yet to be confirmed if she is really clout chasing or not.

She occassionally shares raunchy photos and videos on her social media platforms. She had earlier opened up on her financial struggles saying that she cannot afford to live in a one-bed roomed house. “ I usually say one thing, If you have a place to sleep is important more than being mistreated while homeless,” says Manzi wa Kibera.

The controversial queen started staring online last year and even got a chance to appear in a famous show the Wife Material show produced by Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi.

 Last year, Manzi wa Kibera tied the knot with Obidan Dela in a flamboyant and lowkey ceremony over the weekend but unfortunately it only lasted two weeks.“My dream as a woman was a big flashy wedding. @chali wa Kibera thanks for everything but this is where I say goodbye to the streets,” she said.

The socialite revealed that her wedding gown cost kshs 50,000. She also flaunted a limousine that ferried her on her wedding day.

Obidan Dela, the man she was married to said that Manzi wa Kibera was never satisfied in bed and would do awkward things.

The socialite however said that she has no time of addressing stupid people who are depressed.

Manzi wa Kibera has been in the entertainment industry for a year now, after participating in Eric Omondi’s wife material show.