Pastor T, a young Limuru-based pastor but very well-known in Kenya and beyond, had something to say about pastor Ezekiel's Mega crusade. Pastor T is known for his strong stand in Christianity. 

Christianity as a religion has different doctrines and methodologies. However, all Christians worship a similar God, so those differences cannot make them not support each other. 


Last weekend, a mega Crusade by Pastor Ezekiel, a Mombasa-based preacher. Pastor Ezekiel is said to be a spiritual child of Bishop Pius Muiru of the Maximum Miracle Centre.

According to him, he received his anointing from Bishop Muiru. Listening to his recorded sermons on his TV station World TV, the pastor mentions Muiru in every speech he makes.

Pastor T Mwangi, a young Kenyan pastor, had something to say about the crusade. Pastor T noted that church leaders might differ on doctrine and methodology, but he agreed that the move of God is rising in Kenya.

"The nation is hungry. Let the move of God arise and spread. Let the church position itself for a Mega harvest. Let Mega gatherings come back." said pastor T.

In a lengthy Facebook post, pastor T continued to say, "Let the true evangelists launch out and let the true teacher prepare to teach, let the Apostles and prophets prepare to lay the right foundations, and let the shepherds prepare to shepherd. Lord, whatever you want to do in our nation is excellent: May I be among the number," he concluded.

The pastor attached the above photo from Ezekiel's mega crusade alongside his lengthy Facebook post.


Pastor T was among the organizers of the Rhema Festival, a Crusade similar to Pastor Ezekiel's one at Kasarani. The festival also attracted many people from all parts of Kenya.