Media personality Janet Mbugua has been candid in recent years about her connection with alcohol, admitting that she hasn't had a drink since December 2021.

The former news anchor disclosed this to Nairobi News, who also quoted her as saying that she could resume drinking at any time; for the time being, however, it is not helping her.

She continued by claiming that she had never been an alcoholic and that whatever alcohol she used had only been for social occasions.


She once sparked a sensation on social media with a message that left many of her fans wondering what she was up to.

Many readers expressed sorrow for her and claimed they could connect because they had also experienced it in their comments on the letter. Michelle Ntalami, who recently split up with her journalist lover Makena Njeri, was one of those who wrote comments.

Some expressed concern for her and asked how she was doing. She continued to offer comforting words in her message, pointing out that although there is pain, there is healing and that, with time, one learns to overcome obstacles and stand up for oneself.

This occurs in the context of the circulating rumor that Janet and her divisive husband Eddie Ndichu, have split up.

Person in the media In recent years, Janet Mbugua has been open about her relationship with alcohol, confessing that she hasn't taken a drink since December 2021.


At least until years later, when they were already wed and had two children of their own. Although Janet did not use the internet to discuss her marital problems, it was rumored that the final straw was when Eddie cheated on Janet when she was still carrying their second child, Mali.