Tecra Muigai, younger sister to Anerlisa Muigai, passed away inexplicably three years ago. Three years after her passing, Anerlisa posted a heartfelt tribute on social media to honour her memory and celebrate her life.

Anerlisa echoed similar sentiments, stating that her sister underwent physical changes that she attributed to Omar's influence. Anerlisa noted that it reached a point when she could not believe that it was her sister.

Tecra was engaged to controversial Mombasa resident Omar Lali. However, their relationship ended tragically with Tecra's mysterious death. At the time of her death, Tecra and Omar were still dating, and as expected, he became the main suspect in the investigation.

There has been an ongoing debate over the cause of Tecra's death, with accusations of murder leveled against her former boyfriend, Omar Lali, taking center stage. In an interview on the John Allan Namu show titled "The Last Door," Anerlisa's mother, Senator Tabitha Karanja, revealed that her daughter distanced herself from the family after she began dating Omar Lali.

According to a story by The Daily Nation, three medical professionals concurred that blunt force trauma was Tecra's cause of death. This refutes Omar Lali's prior assertion that Tecra was intoxicated when she fell down the stairs. One of Kenya's top pathologists, Emily Adhiambo Rogena, added that Tecra died due to a blunt object.

During the nine months he worked for Tecra, Eric Cheruiyot, a former Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) officer, said he never saw harmony between her and Omar Lali. The pair frequently got into arguments, according to Cheruiyot, who also noted that Lali frequently retreated to a lonely table and stayed there for hours on end, while Tecra frequently joined her colleagues for business engagements that he found annoying.

The Keroche family demanded an inquest despite the fact that the prosecution against him was dismissed.

Lali maintains that Tecra was his favorite person and that he would never have hurt her. Tecra's family, however, has a different viewpoint on the subject. We hope they experience comfort and peace.