When a video song she was featured in dropped and created a buzz online, Vera decided to take advantage of her few minutes moment of fame by posting raunchy photos that got the attention of hundreds of online users who wanted to know more about her. In one of the interviews in Kenya, the mother of one stated this.


“I was the one who started this socialite thing. I did sexy photo shoots, posted them on social media, and got many more followers. I started getting gigs and it was hard to keep up. I jokingly started asking for money and before I knew it I was getting paid to party. If the Kardashians were doing it, why not me?” she said.

Believing in herself, Vera decided to quit university and focus on being the successful woman she is today.

Vera Sidika is a famous Kenyan social media personality, celebrity, video vixen, entrepreneur, and socialite, a great empowerment to all black women. Her wealth makes people question her source of income and how she became rich. Her estimated worth is $ 2.5 million earned through her career in the entertainment industry making her one of the richest socialites in Africa.

High-flying Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika, revealed that she was forced to discontinue her university education to become a socialite and make easy money.

Sidika, hit the limelight about some years back when she was featured on P-Unit’s hit video song You Guy. The video was banned from airing on TV for being too raunchy.

Vera was the main video vixen of the video song and the sole reason why it was banned

 “It was banned because my ass was all over the TV and everyone was asking who I was,” she told True Love Magazine.

At the time, Vera was pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Kenyatta University.

“I ended up suspending it. I had to milk this opportunity dry. The way I see it, we go to school to earn good money. Here I was making it, so why not concentrate on that first? Besides elimu haiishi,” Vera further stated.


Vera has since transformed herself into a well-known businesswoman and singer too. Coming from a humble family to becoming a millionaire.

In her own words, her body is her business hence; she spent millions to look like an anime character.

“I charge differently depending on where it is, for instance in Kenya I don’t take less than Sh300, 000. I charge Sh600, 000 for abroad, say Malaysia or the US,” she revealed.

Vera Sidika revealed that she gets her money from club appearances, her detox tea veetox, Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour, a hair lounge selling weaves and wigs as well as her poultry farming. With all these, Sidika can afford her lavish life as a black, happy, and successful woman.

As if that isn't enough to afford her lavish lifestyle, Vera is also a poultry farmer.

Vera is married to Brown Mauzo, a Kenyan Musician, and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter Princess Asia Brown and are expecting a son soon.