Shaving is a weekly routine for many people as part of their grooming process, but it can often cause itching and irritation. itchiness after shaving can be annoying to individuals with sensitive skin, and it could stop them from shaving at all. check out some remedies and prevention measures below:

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1 exfoliate before you shave 

 Exfoliating your skin before shaving helps remove dead skin cells and prepare your skin for a tighter, smoother shave. exfoliating helps to reduce the chances of ingrown hairs and razor burns, these two can cause post-shave itching. To prevent irritation, scrub or brush gently and thoroughly rinse. 

2 Make use of a razor that is both sharp and sterilized

 Using a dirty and old shaver can result in scuffs cuts, and itchiness, leading to post-shave itching. it is important to replace your shaver blades on a regular basis and refrain from using a particular shaver for an extended period of time. Always clean your razor after each stroke to avoid bacteria buildup.

3 Shave in the direction that your grows.

Shaving in the opposite direction that your hair grows can result in ingrown hairs, which cause redness and itching. To prevent this, shave in the direction that your hair grows with brief movements and a light touch. This will help to prevent irritation and the possibility of post-shave itching. 

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4 Use shaving cream or gel 

 using shaving lotion or gel on the skin to lubricate the area and prevent friction, which may lead to inflammation and itchiness. it is important to buy shaving lotion or gel that is compatible with your skin type and stay away from products that have alcohol or other harsh substances that can cause your skin to dry out.  

PHOTO | COURTESY a man shaving

 5 After shaving, moisturise your skin. 

 After shaving, moisturise your skin to alleviate irritation and avoid dryness, both of that may lead to post-shave itching. Use a gentle, non-comedogenic moisturiser and prevent fragrances and other potential irritants.  

6  try using cooling products 

 A cooling agent, like aloe vera gel or witch hazel, can help soothe the face and minimise any irritation or redness caused by shaving. These natural substances can also aid in moisture retention.