Have you encountered an incident where you have been overcharged in a hospital? Or were you made to pay additional charges that you did not expect? According to investigations, some hospital management have turned the facilities into cash-minting industries!

A facility came to the public eye following a public outcry both in mainstream media and on social media.

Patients were complaining that they were being forced to pay certain amounts of money before being offered services, contrary to the service delivery charter.

When it came to surgeries and emergencies, only those who could pay the exorbitant charges were attended to.

This prompted the formation of a task force that has made some damning findings.

Staff and top managers of one of the most renowned referral hospitals in the country have been gripped with fear as the task force concludes its investigations.

They are worried that an axe might fall on them anytime soon once the findings of the task force are implemented by the authorities.

During the investigations by the task force, it was revealed that the top leadership at that hospital had turned the facility into a cash-making entity and had thus been milking millions from patients.

The junior staff had been instructed to charge extra money from patients and then channel it to the top.

Word has it that a good number of staff at the referral hospital might end up not only losing their jobs but also facing criminal charges. It is just a matter of time before they are held accountable for their actions.