A 60-year-old Kisii County resident is scheduled to face charges in court for alleged bestiality. 

 After his wife discovered him acting indecently with their family dog at their Mosocho Village home, Fredrick Macarios was taken into custody. 

 The man left his wife inside the house on Sunday night around one in the morning, according to a police report on the incident.

A little while later, the wife says she heard their dog's strange cries, which scared her enough to leave the house to investigate.

"…at about 01:00hrs her husband went out of their dwelling house whereby they heard their female dog howling and wailing a lot. She also rushed out to see what might be going on, only to be shocked to find her husband Frederick Macarios a Kisii male adult aged 60 years old having unnatural offence with their domestic female dog namely 'Poster'," read the police report in part.

"She raised an alarm which alerted more members of the family who witnessed the act," police added.

Section 162(b) of the Penal Code in Kenya defines bestiality as an unnatural act. 

 If found guilty of the crime, the maximum sentence for imprisonment is 14 years. Additionally, Section 163 stipulates that anyone who tries to commit any kind of unnatural offense faces a minimum of 7 years in prison.