Following an argument at a bar in the Kipsuter area, the man is said to have jumped into a swollen river. The Bomet County Government disaster management team is searching for him. 

The deceased allegedly attempted suicide after his drinking companions made fun of him and his apparent lack of fighting prowess. 

 Mr. Paul Sang, the deceased's uncle, claims that a jacket and shirt thought to belong to the deceased were discovered at the Chepkulo River scene, where he was last seen leaving following the altercation.

After one of his drinking companions allegedly threatened to slap him to put him down and decide who should be given more alcohol, the victim reportedly became agitated. 

He had decided to leave the den and was last seen heading toward the river, which was almost a kilometer away, so one of his friends' attempts to console him over the insult failed. 

According to Area Chief Joseah Ng'eno, inquiries are being conducted to determine what happened. 

According to Stanley Mutai, the county disaster officer, a man's body was last observed being carried away by raging floodwaters 25 kilometers from the scene of the incident.