A Man is being detained at a Kericho police station attempting to steal a government-issued vehicle along the Kericho-Kisumu highway.

According to reports, the SUV driver parked by the roadside and left the engine running to pick up something from a shop.
PHOTO | COURTESY police car 

As the driver was occupied inside the store, four men emerged, opened the doors of the high-end keyless entry vehicle, and drove away.

After leaving the store, the driver spotted his vehicle being driven away in the distance ahead of him.

He immediately directed a boda boda rider who was waiting for customers in the area to pursue the vehicle. As they approached, the vehicle lost its signal. The engine turned off, causing the driver to lose control, veer off the road, and collide with an electricity pole, severely damaging the vehicle's front end.
PHOTO | COURTESY police station

Three suspects exited the car and ran on foot, eventually vanishing into a nearby tea field along the highway.
The driver was unlucky since he became stuck in the truck and could not escape quickly.

Members of the public surrounded the car, dragged him out, and began assaulting the suspect.
He was later arrested and transported to the police station while the damaged car was taken to Kericho police station.