The homicide detectives ruled out chances that Jeff Mwathi committed suicide after the investigation. Speaking to Citizen TV, the homicide detective said Jeff was killed before being tossed out of the building. They admitted that there was a chance that the young man got into a fight before he died.

Narrow Window

As no adult couldn't fit in the narrow window frames, the detectives also disproved prior reports that he had jumped out the window.

The DCI announced yesterday that the investigation's initial phase was complete. The second phase will begin immediately and involve vigorous questioning of important suspects, including all five individuals who were in Faxto's home that tragic night.

It should be noted that earlier in an interview, Jeff's girlfriend had mentioned that his friend Mutanu had suggested a fight. While confirming Jeff's relationship with Samidoh, Mutanu claimed he had initiated a fight earlier that day.

Wairimu countered that Jeff rarely brought up Samidoh in conversation unless prompted. She claimed that if they had insulted the singer, that was the only way he could have done that.

Jeff's business partner Mutanu

The person of interest, DJ Faxto, insisted he was not engaged. Through his lawyer, he claimed that he is willing to cooperate with the investigative.

The artist's attorney continued that the singer had not turned down any summons from the authorities to assist with the investigations.

According to reports from the well-known Kikuyu blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga, there is a shady power play intended to protect the musician from prosecution concerning Jeff's death because of his connections.

DJ Fatxo's driver

 According to reports, the singer lost several endorsement deals from the businesses he was endorsing through his artistry due to the scandalous and tragic incident that resulted in Jeff's death.

DJ Faxto's cousin

According to reports, Dj Faxto was with two males and three women. The suspected perpetrators are his cousin, Chris Wang'ombe, and his driver.

According to the CCTV footage, the cousin is claimed to have opened the toilet and made a phone call before returning to the residence, which shows the two men standing on the apartment's ground and gazing around. Mwathi's body was located on the ground seven minutes later.

The initial phase of the investigation by the DCI Homicide investigators into the death of Geoffrey Mwathi Ngugi, also known as Jeff, which happened on February 22, 2023, is now complete.

The procedure involved speaking with the initial group of witnesses, performing a forensic assessment of the crime scene, and retrieving CCTV footage that showed the victim's final moments.

The DCI said via their official Twitter account that they will move on to the second phase of their investigations, during which numerous persons of interest would be questioned, and the ODPP will get the proper recommendations.

"We are, in the interim encouraging the public to be patient as we seek to establish the facts surrounding Jeff's unfortunate demise," DCI Kenya.

Jeff is alleged to have committed suicide, but his family claims otherwise. It is alleged that Jeff committed suicide by jumping from DJ Faxto's home on the 12th floor.