A baby was slain and dumped on top of a neighbour's toilet, according to police in Khwisero, Kakamega county.

According to the family, the toddler went missing on Friday.

"I left for the farm on Friday morning, and when I returned, my child was nowhere to be found," the mother explained.

"I went ahead to ask my sister-in-law if she had seen it, but she denied having seen it."

The mother searched for her child from Friday to Saturday without success.

Its body was discovered on top of a neighbour's toilet on Sunday.

"On Sunday morning, an in-law of mine informed me that the child had been found," she explained.

The child had been raped and beaten.

"I woke early and went to the bathroom." "The toilet seemed to have more flies than usual, but I just assumed and went in," said the neighbour who found the dead.

After the neighbour had finished responding to nature's call, she investigated what might have attracted the flies.

It wasn't until then that she discovered the child's remains and informed the mother.