Residents of Mutithi hamlet in Mwea, Kirinyaga County, are still in disbelief after human remains were found in the area's Kanaro River. Residents who had gone outside to get water were the ones who found the body pieces.

The incident was reported to Godfrey Mithamo, the location head of Wamumu, who subsequently alerted police officials at the Kiamaciri police station. The incident is still under investigation.

Police in Kirinyaga is looking into a similar event when farmers found human body parts scattered throughout a rice field. To identify the dead, police authorities in the region have asked the locals to report any instances of missing persons.

West Sub County of Mwea After the water supply to the rice paddy was turned off, according to deputy police commander Sammy Beauttah, they uncovered additional body parts that have since been transported to the Kerugoya hospital morgue.

Although a family from Kiuria village has reported a missing family member who they believe may have been murdered for money, the body pieces have not yet been identified.

The remains are unquestionably those of Joseph Njenga's uncle, and according to Joseph's family, "We suspect he was killed over the ksh 66,000 he had." Njenga remarked.

The family will identify the body pieces on Wednesday morning at the Kerugoya Mortuary, according to the deputy police chief.