Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto has spoken out about recent claims surrounding her son, Dylan, and the potential for a second DNA test requested by  Diamond Platnumz.

The recent get-together of Diamond Platnumz with his offspring—Princess Tiffah, Nillan, and Naseeb Junior—prompted inquiries, given that Hamisa Mobetto's son, Dylan, was conspicuously not in attendance.

According to Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi, she communicated with Hamisa about the matter, disclosing Diamond's desire for a second DNA test to ascertain his biological connection to the child.

“I talked to Hamisa today and asked her if she is willing to redo the DNA test so that Diamond can have peace of mind. Hamisa’s response was that she, as Hamisa, has accepted the situation that Diamond has decided he doesn’t want the child. She has already agreed to raise the child on her own and has entrusted the child to God. Hamisa says she has handed her child over to God, and it’s God who will take care of the child. She believes that God has uplifted her in life so that she can raise her child without any disputes with the child’s father,” Mange wrote.

In a recent interview with Tanzanian bloggers, Hamisa voiced her endorsement for Mange's efforts but opted not to address the DNA matter, citing:

“I appreciate what Mange Kimambi is doing, and I support her work so much.”

In February, Diamond Platnumz publicly endorsed a government directive focused on safeguarding the credibility of DNA testing in response to concerns voiced by the public.

During her visit to the Government Lab, the Minister of Health, Ummy Mwalimu, underscored the significance of carrying out impartial and precise paternity tests.