Mulamwa's alleged girlfriend, Ruth, has finally announced that the couple is expecting a bundle of joy.

The two have been rumored to be a couple for almost a year, but Mulamwah has always been cagy about their relationship, claiming she was just his best friend.


Ruth took to her Instagram page to announce that she was expectant and couldn't wait to meet her child.

"First came love, love that created a new life, a blessing that fills us with joy and delight. Creating life is the best feeling🤗❤️ you are already loved. Can't wait to meet you 🍼😘" she posted

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Mulamwah also posted the pictures with a few words, noting God did it. The comedian will now be a father of two.

PHOTO | COURTESY Mulamwah with his ex girlfriend

He has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend. The two had a nasty breakup after the comedian accused his ex of cheating and claimed she wanted to get rid of the child. He even went on to claim that the child was not his.