Akothee has sparked varied reactions among her fans after posting that she has a husband, despite the awareness that he and Omosh are currently going through a divorce.

The singer shared a video on TikTok, subsequently posting it on Facebook with a caption stating that she doesn't have a boyfriend but rather a husband, accompanied by laughter. She further informed her Facebook followers that she had joined TikTok. This post elicited a variety of reactions from her fans, leading to a flurry of comments.

Esther Akoth, widely recognized as Akothee or Madam Boss, is a renowned Kenyan musician and businesswoman. She is the founder of Akothee Safaris, a tour company based in Kenya, as well as the Akothee Foundation and Akothee Homes, a real estate business. Notably, she is celebrated for her success in the Bongo music genre. Following her recent separation from Omosh, with whom she had recently tied the knot just a few months before their breakup, Akothee revealed that she had been grappling with challenges, including depression.