Lawrence Njuguna is a Mugithi singer. DJ Fatxo, known as Fatxo, has purchased a new Mercedes Benz.

On social media, the artist posted a video of his new ride. He revealed that the car is a reward for overcoming a challenging year and being a fighter.

"New month, new ride ... see God oooooh!It's been a tough year acha nijiliwaze na haka katoy for being a fighter," he wrote on Instagram.

Congratulations poured in from his fans in the comments section.

DJ Fatxo made headlines earlier this year after interior designer Jeff Mwathi, 22, died in his home.

Fatxo's innocence was declared by the DCI a few months ago. The DCI stated that the DJ had no case to answer because he was not present at the scene of the crime at the time of the incident.

"My heart comes to thee while carrying thanks and praises for helping my heart rejoice again."

Congratulations, DJ Fatxo.