Amber Ray, a Kenyan socialite, has reacted angrily to Kenyans who have criticized her new hairstyle.

The mother of two showed off her artificial dreadlocks in a video at the salon on Thursday, showing the step-by-step process.

Kenyans were unimpressed with her new hair, claiming it was poorly installed and advising her to stick to her wigs.

Many people objected to the fringe part of the artificial locs.

Amber took to Instagram stories to slam her detractors.

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She stalked the pages of those who criticized her dreadlocks, calling them "Instagram Hair police," and even shared photos of Kenyans laughing at their hairstyles.

"Surely can you compare that with this? Aje! I love my hair Thank you for giving me exactly what I wanted" she tagged the salon. "So I've seen some of you talk shi** about my new hairstyle. Like I even care. I will do and live my life vile nataka ...I mean why worry about my head when you have yours" she bashed netizens

She also added that Kenyans have other issues they should be talking about

"alafu nikiwaambia ni njaa inawasumbua mnakasirika all focusing on the wrong enemy ..our enemy is poverty that's what we should be fighting! Lakini mtu anaamka akifikiria how they will come to my page and throw shade, thinking you will bring me down sweetie, only sticks and stones, ...your hate towards me has always have been my motivation"