Zari Hassan and Tanasha Donna are gearing up for their first meeting. Zari has extended an invitation to Tanasha to join her at an upcoming all-white party scheduled to be held in Kampala, Uganda.

"Tanasha Donna as guest appearance Zari All white Party 16 Dec 2023," wrote Zari on Threads.

Princess Tiffah, Prince Nillan, and Naseeb Jnr, all fathered by Diamond Platnumz, recently had a meet-up a few weeks ago during their father's performance trip to Kigali, Rwanda. Accompanying them were their grandmother, Mama Dangote, who is Diamond's mother, and Zuchu, the singer's girlfriend.

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Meanwhile, Zari and her husband Shakib also joined Zuchu and Diamond, showcasing a united front and serving as a picture-perfect couple.

Tanzanian blogger based in the United States, Mange Kimambi, asserted that they were in the process of filming the upcoming season of "Young, Famous, And African."

"This is not going to end well….. Mtakuja kuniambia….. Zari na Dai wanatengeneza story line ya show yao ya Young Famous and African," she said

"This is just content ya show yao. Kuna watu wawili hapo this will end in premium tears… Mtakuja kuniambia….Kuna mtu ataanzia na kuishia hiyo hiyo season 3, season 4 atapokewa na mwenzie….Mtakuja kuniambia."