Elsa Majimbo, a global internet sensation, has disclosed that she is no longer romantically involved with her mzungu boyfriend, DJ Hkeem.

The comedian revealed on social media that she was the victim of inappropriate behavior in the dressing room by one of the guys during an unfortunate event.

When Majimbo called her boyfriend to report the incident, she was furious, but sadly, things didn't go as planned.

Instead of giving her the comfort she needed, her boyfriend accused her of trying to flirt with the man in the dressing room.

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Majimbo ended their relationship at that point because she felt mistreated and misinterpreted.

She vowed never to talk to him again, and she hasn't broken it yet.

"The first person I called was my boyfriend, and I told him this, and this happened with this guy. And the best thing he says is 'Do you think', maybe you were flirting with him and that's why he behaved that way. Immediately he said that I was going to hang up his phone and you would never hear from me again, see me again, or get a chance to smell me again. It would be like I never existed, and I hang up the phone, and true to my word, he has never to this day heard from me."

In December 2022, Majimbo introduced her fans to DJ Hkeem.

Elsa shared some pictures and videos she took with her boyfriend on Instagram.

The comedian continued by expressing her gratitude for his love and for doing things for her, like getting her gifts, doing her hair, and playing chess with her.

"To my darling love…thank you for bringing me so much happiness, love, joy. Thank you for showing me what love looks like. Thank you for doing my hair and playing chess with me and buying me things (my favorite) I love you so🥺💗."

In response, DJ Hkeem declared that he was happy that the universe had brought them together and that he was the happiest man since he met her.