A significant discussion has been sparked recently regarding the alarming increase in young women being killed by their "lovers."

Three young women have been found murdered in contentious ways in less than two weeks; two of them were killed in apartments where they had gone to meet their men.

Socialite Zari Hassan, who is in Kenya to endorse the Samsung brand of smartphones, had the opportunity to discuss this murder, which many have claimed unfairly targets women.

In an interview with Mpasho resident Kalondu Musyimi, Zari cautioned the sisters about dating, especially when staying at Airbnb.

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According to Zari, girls should prioritize their lives and take better care of themselves right now rather than putting their interests first and chasing love blindly, which can lead to fatal consequences.

"I think we need to be more vigilant, the killings were very cruel, I saw them on TikTok, I saw bodies being loaded from houses, really, sister, if you really need to go on those dates, make sure you inform your close people where you are going and where you are going who to meet and things like that," Zari advised.

At present, this is taking place concurrently with the family of the attractive lady who was murdered in Roysambu on AirBnB coming forward to assert that their daughter was murdered by the individual who encountered her at an apartment.

Rita Waeni's family claimed to have received messages from the murderer asking for half a million Ksh to spare their loved one, but they were unable to obtain that sum.

Rita's body was discovered in pieces by the side of the road, inside a sack that had been thrown outside the house. Her head was taken to diffrent location where police later located it at Kiambaa.