Kenyan comedian and media personality David Oyando, better known as Mulamwah, has revealed some details about their baby shower, which took place over the weekend.

On Saturday, January 20, the couple held a lavish baby shower to commemorate this significant milestone.

Mulamwah went all out to make sure his wife had a memorable experience.

The lavish baby shower began with a romantic horse-drawn carriage for the mother-to-be. The couple wore matching outfits similar to those worn by Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi.

"embracing paper … its a rainy season . was a good day . we cant wait . congrats, bestie @atruthk, on your baby shower," Mulamwah wrote on Instagram.

Expressing her feelings of love and adoration, Ruth cheekily wrote, "Pole pole ♥️♥️, loving the steps. First horse ride 😍."

Mulamwah recently posted on social media that some people are asking about the cost of hiring horses. He revealed that the charges were Ksh 50,000 per hour, which they used for four hours.

Months after announcing the pregnancy, the couple chose a unique gender reveal event: they went to a Chemistry Laboratory to inform the world of their impending blessing.

After mixing solutions in a lab, the final color was blue, indicating they expected a boy.

Congratulations, Mulamwah and Ruth K.