Harmonize, a bongo player from Tanzania, has admitted that he sent the bat that was discovered hanging outside Diamond Platnumz's mansion.

Harmonize was seen on camera on social media threatening to send a red bat to someone's house.

He revealed that he is a bat in another post.

"Ukipenda niite Mzee popo." In another he wrote, "nikikuja usipotangaza anarudi. Bora umesema ndugu yangu. Naitwa Mzee popo."

After returning home, Diamond Platnumz told of an unexpected visitor he met at his opulent mansion: a bat perched at the door. It was an unusual encounter for Diamond.

Diamond jokingly said, "I found a bat on my front door," which caused him to reschedule the release of his planned music video. Theref,ore, I wil,l defer the release of my music video, originally scheduled for tomorrow, February 9," he said.

The musician shared the video on his Instagram story, expressing worry and speculating that the bat might have brought misfortune or witchcraft into his house.

To Diamond and his friends' relief, the bat was eventually removed safely from its perch, though not before the flying bat caused some uneasy laughter.

Fans and followers took notice of the incident, with Wasafi TV captioning the video with the question, "Was the bat sent by his opponents?"