Veteran artist Nazizi Hirji is still coming to terms with the loss of her youngest child, saying that she is broken and drowning in darkness.

PHOTO | COURTESY Nazizi and late son

The musician posted a sweet message to her late son, who died in an accidental fall in December 2023 while the family was vacationing in Tanzania. In her post, Nazizi questioned how she was supposed to live without her son.

PHOTO | COURTESY Nazizi and her family

"Broken, drowning in the darkness, I will never be ok again. How do I keep going without the light of my life? Why should I wake up every morning just to cry and miss you all day? You loved us so much, and we loved you even more, my precious jazzy." she posted.

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She said that she would do anything to be with her son again because life is unbearable without him. She added that her life will never be the same.


"You loved us so much, and we loved you even more, my precious jazzy. 
This video just captures your spirit in a few seconds. All you ever needed was for us 4 to be together all the time. You brought a new meaning to the family. My boy, life is unbearable without you 💔💔. Mama loves you so so much, and I would do anything to be with you again. I will never be the same, my world stopped when you left me jiji. I miss you, my sweet, special boy." she added.