Viewers of the Super Bowl were in for a delightful surprise as Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, joined by Ben's wife Jennifer Lopez, took center stage in a hilariously entertaining Dunkin' Donuts commercial.

The advertisement featured 51-year-old Ben embracing his Boston roots as the frontman of a new boy band named "DunKings." He sported vibrant Dunkin' Donuts attire, including an outfit adorned with the brand's signature orange and pink colors.

Ben made a grand entrance into Jennifer's recording studio, exclaiming, "What up, Bronx?" before declaring, "For your consideration, here comes the Boston massacre."

The commercial took a comedic turn as Ben and Matt, 53, broke into a dance, with football legend Tom Brady serving as the DJ and rapper Fat Joe offering commentary alongside JLo.

Following their performance, Matt, in a humorous nod to his iconic line from the 1998 film Good Will Hunting, awkwardly asked Jennifer, "How do you like them donuts? I'm so sorry."

Ben playfully teased, "You had to see it, but I forgive you," before affectionately kissing Jennifer, who, caught off guard, could only respond with, "We talked about this."

However, Jennifer had nothing but praise for Tom Brady, telling the Super Bowl legend, "you can stay."

The commercial quickly became a social media sensation, with fans flocking to X (formerly Twitter) to share their delight. Viewers praised the ad's humor, with comments ranging from "LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!" to "Funniest one so far IMO."

The consensus was clear, with many calling it their favorite Super Bowl commercial of the year.

Ben and Jennifer, famously known as "Bennifer," were the quintessential Hollywood couple in the early 2000s.

Following the breakup of their first engagement, they married other people and had children. But after their divorces, fate brought them back together, and in 2022 they were married.

Ben has previously appeared in Super Bowl advertisements for the company, and in many of the photos taken by photographers, he is shown holding numerous unsightly cups.

He made the decision to fully integrate himself into the Dunkin' universe for last year's Super Bowl commercial by working their drive-thru, engaging with shocked fans and parodying the widely circulated photos of him consuming a ton of Dunkin'.