Celebrated artist KRG The Don has warned fellow musician Dufla to keep off his affairs after he claimed KRG had rekindled sparks with his ex-wife.

dufla had alleged that the new girlfriend KRG is teasing is allegedly his ex-wife. KRG the don has been teasing his fans with snippet videos from the anticipated reveal of his new romantic interest.

PHOTO | COURTESY KRG The Don and Dufla

In an Instagram story on his page, KRG, the don, told Dufla that he would discipline him by force if the musician didn't respect him. He added that Dufla should not associate with people who are not in his life anymore.

"Dufla, if you can't respect me plainly, I will instill you some discipline by force. Please don't join me with people who are no longer in my life. I have my family, and you should respect that. fukuru wewe" he posted

"Nonsense, learn to respect the rules of the game. heshimu watu nanii, hii town usihamishwe bure." He added.


His stern warning to Dufla came months after he publicly apologized to the musician in a club.

"Mimi na rafiki yangu nilikua nimemkosea, na kawaida ukikosea mtu unafaa kusema pole. Rafiki ni mtu ambaye mnashare ideas, mnafanya vitu vikubwa pamoja kwa hivo mkiwa mnapiganapigana haina faida. Niliona nimwambie pole na dunia pia ione niko serious. Sasa wale watu wengine walileta fitina ati kwa sababu ego yao haiwezi kuallow waapologise, they are just weak people.

PHOTO | COURTESY  KRG The Don and Dufla

KRG emphasized that these disagreements do not define their relationship and that they are not enemies.

"Dufka ni rafiki yangu...saa zingine tunapata tumebugia vitu, saa zingine tunapigana kidogo lakini haimaanishi sisi ni maadui." he said