It's widely known that renowned Kenyan actress Kate Actress is currently in a new romantic relationship. She is happily involved with Michael Mwangi, the General Manager of Tribe Hotel.

Their love is evident from Kate Actress's social media posts, where she consistently shares glimpses of their relationship. The couple is presently enjoying a vacation in Dubai, showcasing their happiness to their fans.

While many admirers appreciate their flourishing relationship, some have raised questions about Kate Actress moving on quickly after her previous marriage to Philip Karanja, also known as Phil Director, ended. Responding to inquiries about the fast-paced nature of her new romance, Kate Actress clarified that her connection with Michael Mwangi didn't start recently. In fact, she revealed that they have been dating for a considerable time, and those in her inner circle were aware of the relationship long before it became public.

Kate Actress playfully responded to comments, stating, "...But it's been such a long ride, the group chat understood the assignment 🤗🙏🏽."

The actress's acknowledgment of her long-standing relationship with Michael Mwangi aligns with earlier speculations. Reports suggest that she was already involved with the businessman even before publicly announcing her separation from Phil Director in September.

Evidence of their ongoing relationship includes a vacation together in Lamu in June 2023, where Kate Actress attended the launch of Infinix. Additionally, the couple attended events like SolFest and the Wash Wash season 4 premiere in November 2023.

This revelation adds clarity to Kate Actress and Phil Director's announcement of their separation, affirming that they had parted ways some time before publicly disclosing their breakup, after a five-year relationship.