Tensions escalate in the Tanzanian entertainment scene as social media commentator Baba Levo accuses Bongo Flava star Harmonize of assaulting him during a recent confrontation.

Sharing his ordeal on social media, Baba Levo alleges that the singer attacked him on Saturday night, leaving him shaken and prompting him to seek legal action.

In a candid post, Baba Levo discloses, "Imekua Bahati mbaya sana kwangu usiku huu Harmonize amenishambulia" (I have had a bad night because Harmonize has attacked me), sparking reactions from fans across social media platforms.

Determined to seek justice, Baba Levo declares, "Mdogo wangu Harmo, Mungu akijalia tutafika mahakamani kabla ya Ijumaa. Naamini utajifunza kitu kipya kwenye maisha yako. Hautathubutu tena kumpiga mtu" (My younger brother Harmo, by God's will, I will take you to court by Friday. I believe you will learn something, and you won't ever lay your hands on anybody again).

In a subsequent post, Baba Levo emphasizes his resolve to defend himself, stating, "This will be my last time to be weak, polite to be mistreated in front of people and not throw even one punch in front of the person who attacks me...!! I think it may also be the last time to authorities NEXT TIME I WILL DEFEND MYSELF FIRST..!!"

In an interview, Baba Levo sheds light on the events leading to the altercation, revealing that he and Harmonize encountered each other at a casino, where tensions escalated over a tycoon's winnings. A disagreement arose when Harmonize allegedly claimed one token for himself from the two tokens they were given to share.

Contrary to speculation, Baba Levo denies that the attack was prompted by negative remarks on social media and asserts that the altercation stemmed solely from the disagreement over the token.

As the controversy unfolds, Harmonize remains silent on the matter, leaving fans and observers eagerly awaiting his response to the allegations.

Amos Robi is an opinionated, open-minded communications practitioner looking to change the world from the digital front.