A recent social media post by the nominated senator, Karen Nyamu, raising the possibility that she would grow her family with her two-child father, Samidoh, has caused controversy.

Despite the constant scrutiny surrounding their relationship, especially given Samidoh's marital status, Nyamu raised eyebrows among her followers when she suggested having more children with Samidoh in a Facebook post.

Fans were alarmed by the post and quickly expressed their disapproval, with one user criticizing Nyamu for choosing to have children with a married man.

"Karenzo, you are beautiful, but with all that beauty and figure, why is it a problem to find your own husband? Where did you find the courage to have children with someone else's husband… Two kids and you think you're done?" the comment read.

Nyamu argued that having two children was insufficient and defended her wish to grow her family.

"Having two kids doesn't mean I'm done having children with him," Nyamu said.

Samidoh, meanwhile, has discreetly made his way back to Kenya after seeing his family in the US and has chosen to remain out of sight from the public.

Fans anxiously anticipating Samidoh's comeback have fueled speculation thanks to Nyamu's reluctance to divulge specifics about his return.

Nyamu has remained silent in the face of increasing pressure, choosing instead to post pictures from a Sunday photo shoot and an enigmatic Instagram reel.

Nyamu addressed her relationship status, stating that she is single but making reference to a significant person in her life who keeps her from entertaining other suitors.

"I am single, but there is a man who is not mine but because of this man I don't give chances to others," Nyamu cryptically stated, dismissing any notions of delusion surrounding her situation.