An Akorino preacher identified as Danson Gichuhi, aka Bishop Johana, has outraged Kenyans after a video surfaced of him touching a woman inappropriately in the pretense of casting out demons.

In the now-viral video seen by Waza, bishop Johana is seen spraying water on a woman who is on the floor as he fondles her titties while praying. He later moves his hands to her private areas while 'praying'.

PHOTO | COURTESY the session

 The woman in the video appears uncomfortable with the entire prayer session but perseveres to the end. the preacher has, however, dismissed the criticisms from Kenyans, saying that he was doing his mission.

Speaking to Kuria TV, Bishop Jonaha revealed that the woman in question had traveled to seek his spiritual intervention regarding her marital issues.

"Her husband had deserted her, leaving her behind with three children. He dumped her for another woman. He comes home to see her during the day, then leaves at night." he said 

"When she came I saw she was troubled. I told her the name of the woman her husband had left her for. She is called Carol. She asked me what to do. So when you saw me on the video, I was doing deliverance. I was casting out evil spirits from the woman, and they spoke to me and told me they were from Carol, and Carol had gone to Uganda for witchcraft to attract married men." he added

The bishop explained that he heals by touching the problem areas or the areas where a person is experiencing pain. he maintains that he had no ill intentions and that he is married with kids and that he does some of the interventions with his wife present.

"I have a wife, I have children, and I have a lot of things. I even work with my wife. She is a great woman of God. So those ones complaining about how I was performing my deliverance are those ones who are speaking out are my enemies, and because of blessings from God I must have enemies." he concluded