Mungai Eve’s  EX boyfriend Director Trevor has generated significant attention by consistently producing content centered around his breakup with Eve on the revamped Kenya Online Media, (KOM).

Shortly after announcing Eve's departure and reportedly terminating her employment, Trevor appears to be heavily focusing on content related to their separation, leading online users to question his motives.

In the most recent episode, viewers were provided with insights into the aftermath of the breakup. The reporter, Captain Nyota, collected public opinions on Eve Mungai's potential next career move.

Trevor officially acknowledges his separation from Eve Mungai and assumes control of a YouTube channel boasting over 700K subscribers. Numerous online users have expressed apprehension regarding Trevor's seeming emphasis on leveraging their breakup for attention, instead of introducing a variety of content on the channel.

Several individuals have accused the pair of chasing clout, suggesting that the publicized events might be nothing more than a facade designed for attention.

Director Trevor revealed that his relationship with Eve Mungai ended a year ago, contrary to the public portrayal of a harmonious romance.

In a video posted on the rebranded 'Kenya Online Media' YouTube channel, previously named the Mungai Eve Show, Trevor, speaking through his new reporter, Captain Nyota, disclosed the truth. He mentioned that they had chosen to keep their breakup confidential and collaboratively worked to safeguard the brand.

"We worked together last year while not being in a romantic relationship until February this year when we officially decided to part ways," Trevor revealed through Nyota.

On Monday, February 19, Trevor made a bold announcement, stating that he had terminated Eve Mungai's involvement and assumed complete control of their jointly managed social media accounts. Furthermore, he declared that Eve would no longer receive her customary share of the revenue generated from their previously co-managed channels.

He unveiled the channel's new identity, rebranding to 'Kenya Online Media (KOM)', effective Tuesday, February 20.

Trevor's announcement came alongside a cryptic message seemingly directed at his former partner.

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago," he wrote.

He took additional steps by hosting a Q&A session to address fans' inquiries about any potential collaboration with

Responding to the question of whether he would continue working with Mungai, Trevor unequivocally stated that her participation in their shared platforms had been terminated.

"No! Her services are no longer needed in the following platforms: YouTube - 754K subscribers, Insta Fame - 104K subscribers, Facebook - 874K followers," he responded.