It looks like the fight between blogger Mange Kimambi and socialite Zari Hassan will not end anytime soon.

PHOTO | COURTESY Mange Kimambi's fight with Zari escalates

The two women have been beefing with each other for ages, but the beef escalated when Mange allegedly paid Shakib $1000 for a sit-down interview. Zari accused Mange of paying Shakib peanuts to spill confidential details about her.

PHOTO | COURTESY the screenshot

In a strongly-worded post titled 'Petty Wednesday,' Zari Hassan accused Mange Kimambi of being hypocritical and overly fixated on her life. Zari's central argument emphasized that despite Kimambi's portrayal of herself as a critic, her actions revealed an unhealthy obsession with her personal life.


“Ohh simpendi bi tuks, but u paid a whole $1000 to someone to give you tea about me. Tell me you’re my one fan without telling me you're so obsessed with me. So invested in my life.

PHOTO | COURTESY Mange Kimamb, Zari and shakib

“Ohh simpendi bi tuks but u paid a whole $1000 to someone to give you tea about me. Tell me you’re my one fan, without telling me you're so obsessed with me. So invested in my life". she added.

"With that obsession, u can kill someone. Here is the best part: you came out with nothing even after editing. He couldn't give you what you wanted. Baby, send me roses with some of that money. If nionyeshe nakupenda bila kuniambia unanipenda was a person,” Zari Hassan said.

PHOTO | COURTESY Mange Kimambi's fight with Zari escalates

Mange Kimambi, who was not happy with Zari's response, said that she only focuses on the truth and making money, adding that she knew Shakib's story would generate traffic. She asked Zari to watch the promo.

"Acha kujishuku , go watch all the promo I did for this interview where did I write or say Shakib kamchamba Bi Tuks? Before @reytox_ sat down with Shakib ameongea nae sana and she told me content aliyonayo Shakib ni hii na hii do you still want to go ahead with the interview or not? Nika make the decision to go ahead coz I knew there was still a lot of $$$$$$$ to be made regardless of what Shakib will say." she posted.

PHOTO | COURTESY Zari and Shakib

Mange also denied that she paid Shakib $1000, saying that Shakib was paid enough to buy the socialite an authentic designer handbag.

"No Bi Tuks we didn’t pay him $1,000. Tumempatia way more money, just so you know, nimempa enough $$ for him to buy you your first AUTHENTIC designer bag, we made back over 10 times what we paid him. It’s called chess not checkers!!!" she added.


Mange also insinuated that Shakib might be playing Zari; she said he is not as stupid as everyone thinks. She said that she respects Shakib and has made enough money; therefore, she will not discuss the issue again and that she will always be there for Shakib incase he needs help.

"Tuna a lot of behind the scenes, @shakib_cham is not the fala you think he is. He is smart and knows exactly what he is doing dating bibi kizee. I’m not going to bash Shakib ever again, no matter how much sikupendi because I have gotten to know him na ameniingizia pesa ya kutosha so I won’t disrespect him right now just to prove my point to you. Mi mtu akishanipa content huyo ni mtu wangu forever." she said 

"@shakib_cham I’m always going to be your big sister, sorry for all stray bullets you caught before this interview. We fam now. I got you!! 😉" she added.