Miracle Baby's ex-manager, Mwalimu Rachel, has revealed that she had once advised the genge artist to stop drinking and take better care of himself.

PHOTO | COURTESY Mwalimu Rachel 

In an interview, the ex-manager revealed that Miracle Baby had admitted he had a problem with alcohol; she said that she had advised him to stop and eat healthier, but he could have relapsed back into his old habits.

Miracle Baby was released after comedian Eric Omondi helped him clear his hospital bill. he had been in the hospital for a while, undergoing several surgeries for gastrointestinal conditions. his girlfriend had revealed his condition to fans while asking for financial help.

"Hae guys the surgery was successful but the intestines had burst and they have managed to wash but he will be going to the toilet through a pipe and they have left some intestines outside for 6 weeks and when he recovers he will go back to the theatre so that the intestines can be returned inside," Carol Katrue explained.

PHOTO | COURTESY Mwalimu Rachel and the Sailors group in their happy days

In a previous video, the rapper vowed to devote his life to Christ and preach the gospel once discharged from the hospital.

"Bwana asifiwe. I'm going to preach. Nikitoka hapa nakua pastor and I will preach. Wenye wamenisupport God bless you, wenye hawajaweza najua mko njiani Mungu anasema hapa ninatoka, ninaeza toka kesho ama kesho kutwa," he stated.