Singer Willy Paul was released hours after being arrested at his syokimau home, and his lawyer has given more insight into his arrest.

According to Caroline Giseve, a lawyer representing vocalist Diana Bahati, Willy Paul was detained on cyberbullying allegations.


Giseve told reporters shortly after the singer's detention that the arrest resulted from Willy Paul's repeated refusal to attend after many summonses.

"Investigations were conducted, and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions authorized Willy Paul's arrest," Giseve stated. "Despite numerous summonses, Willy Paul failed to appear, leading to his arrest on Monday morning."


The case began in 2021 when Willy Paul claimed online that he was in a relationship with Diana before she married fellow musician Bahati.

These allegations fueled gossip and speculation, setting the stage for Monday's unexpected events.

Willy Paul's cryptic social media remark, "If something happens to me, know that people in uniform are involved," sparked outrage on social media, fuelling conspiracy theories and leaving followers guessing.

Outside the artist's guarded property, the scene resembled an action-packed drama, with police cars establishing a solid barrier for most of Monday morning. The musician will be arraigned on Tuesday. 

In an earlier rant before his arrest, the singer claimed that the police wanted to arrest him and kill him.

"I've been told that there are police officers outside my house syotani Villas waiting for me saying I knocked someone and ran away, they want to kill me!!! The same thing hapened last year. If something happens to me you mjue ni watu wamevaa uniform and they're outside my house right now!!" he wrote.