Kwambox and Chito delved into a sensitive topic concerning the undesirable habit of men urinating in the streets of Nairobi. Chito shared a more nuanced perspective on this common occurrence during the morning talk show. While Kwambox expressed criticism towards men openly urinating by the roadside, Chito empathized with their predicament.

"It's a stream! a river of susu going down the road," Kwambox started the discussion.

Sharing her narrative Kwambox said," I'm walking kidogo kidogo, you just see a guy walking towards then he just chapas a left kona, twaa! He is facing pahali wamendika usikojoe hapa."

Chito sharing his thoughts stated he is not in good with with anyone who "kojoas" on the roadside but "I'm trying to put myself in these men's shoes," he said.

Chito further elaborated on the challenges faced by men in public places where there are no available public toilets, using Lang'ata as an example.

Kwambox contrasting with him asked, "So what happens to babes? Ama babes their bladders are different?"

"I don't know how you guys handle yourselves," Chito answered.

"Yeah, it's called, we care about the environment, imagine if ladies were just squatting on the side of the road, trying to susu everywhere, you don't see it!" Kwambox emphasised.

Expressing her curiosity, Kwambox questioned whether every man walking around engages in such behavior and urged Nairobi Governor Sakaja to address the matter.