In the interview, Amberay disclosed that she allocates an impressive Ksh. 350,000 each month for her rented residence in Nairobi, capturing the interest and sparking discussions among listeners. When asked about her choice to rent instead of pursuing homeownership, Amberay conveyed satisfaction with her present living arrangement, emphasizing that she doesn't perceive the rent expenses as a burden.

Amber Ray went ahead to state she works with a monthly budget of 1.5 Million.

Celebrated socialite and online influencer, Amberay, gained attention in a recent interview on Radio 47's Breakfast Show, led by seasoned journalists Alex Mwakideu and Emmanuel Mwashumbe. During the conversation, she revealed insights into her current living situation and outlined her forthcoming plans.

Furthermore, Amberay revealed that notwithstanding their current rental situation in Nairobi, she and her husband have invested in land in Machakos County and are contemplating building their home there in the coming months. She expressed a keen interest in establishing their residence in Machakos while still maintaining a presence in Nairobi.

Amberay credited her varied business endeavors, such as appearances in prestigious clubs and brand endorsements, for her ability to afford such rent charges. Her open disclosure of her financial situation and future goals struck a chord with listeners and spurred conversations on social media sites, such as Radio 47's Facebook page.

The public learned about Amberay's high rent costs and her intentions to construct a house in Machakos County, which spurred discussions about financial management, homeownership, and lifestyle preferences.