Media personality Kamene Goro is joyfully celebrating her husband DJ Bonez on his birthday. Using her social media platforms, the former Kiss FM presenter shared a heartfelt message for Bonez, accompanied by a never-before-seen throwback photo of him as a young boy.

In her message, Kamene showered Bonez with affectionate words, expressing her deep love and admiration for their marriage.

“A very very happy birthday to you my darling husband. I never knew it was you I needed when I met you, but clearly Mungu knew best. As you move into this next chapter of your life may you be blessed with more, More Joy, More Opportunities, More Love, More Prosperity, More Money, More Memories, More Laughs, and more of everything your heart desires,” Kamene Goro said in part.

“You really are a blessing to everyone you meet and may those blessings come back full circle.

Happy Birthday My Love,”.

Ms. Goro and DJ Bonez met during a trip to the Coast, but their initial meeting didn't spark love at first sight for them.

Kamene and DJ Bonez endeavored to maintain privacy in their relationship, steering clear of media attention, but their efforts proved unsuccessful. Recently, they celebrated their two-year anniversary together. We extend our congratulations and wish them ongoing happiness and prosperity as a couple.

The radio host's journey hasn't always been straightforward in terms of relationships. During an interview, Kamene previously opened up about her 2016 wedding. At the time, she had just earned her law degree and was just 23 years old.

She was asked to move in with her new husband when her boyfriend, who was living overseas at the time, proposed to her, forcing her to quit her job with two days' notice.

However, she claimed that when he finally got to meet her parents, they weren't fond of him.

Even though she did not like her, her mother-in-law occasionally sent her son food to prevent her from consuming the "bad" food that Kamene had made.

Kamene called her ex-husband a serial cheat and habitual liar. She spoke of her marriage as difficult and problematic.

The most difficult part, though, was when their relationship abruptly ended when they were speaking with her husband on the phone.

According to Kamene, they stopped talking, and she actually required legal help to get her belongings returned to the United States.