During the BoomFest press conference on March 14, 2024, Kenyan sensation singer Willy Paul responded to Otile Brown's comments about the extent of international recognition achieved by Kenyan musicians.

Pozze responded to Otile's comments by asserting that he refuses to bear the responsibility for others' challenges, emphasizing his international stature and implying that he should not be held accountable for the limitations faced by fellow musicians.

“Mtu asiniprojectie shida zake. I am too international. So wewe kidogo kidogo kama milango za international zimejifunga, pole kwako. But Kenyans have a lot of potential. So hiyo international tuko hapo na tunaenda kuconquer,” Willy remarked.


Willy Paul's remarks were prompted by Otile Brown's recent statements to East African artists, urging them to step up their efforts to compete internationally.

In a recent interview, Otile Brown expressed his opinion, stating that currently, there isn't an artist from East Africa who is internationally recognized.

"And this international goal we will continue striving and struggling for it because the industry is stuck. Because as it stands in East Africa there is no international artist in here!" he said.

Adding, "Forget what you think, let nobody lie to you, in East Africa, there is no international artist!"


Asked what about Diamond Platnumz, he said, "Let us keep it real if you all want to keep it real. We have a job to do!"

"Let us not lie to ourselves and be like oooh packaging oohh this and that, a lot of unnecessary noise," added Otile Brown."

"We have a job to do, we have all reached the ceiling and that's why we are struggling. We need to break the ceiling, that is the only way we will be able to rise up. Let us start embracing other music."