Public figure Lynn Ngugi has finally opened up to her crowd of admirers and followers about her personal life. 

Famous for her very private life and well-liked YouTube channel, Lynn is opening up about her love life and the qualities she adores most in her partner. 

Speaking with her close friend Lillian Zawadi, an ecstatic Lynn disclosed that she is genuinely in an enriching and fulfilling relationship with a man who checks all her boxes. 

The 34-year-old digital content creator launched a detailed list of her top man-related desires, explaining why she is in a relationship.

"I could stay here the whole day... It's deep. Every time I even think of why I love him, it just sends me to an emotional space. He loves me," started a giddy Lynn.

She explained that his love for her is unique and unadulterated since it is based only on her existence rather than anything she does or does not do.

"And it's not just like I love you because you give me this, he loves me as a person. When someone doesn't make you doubt, you know it's a safe space. When you never have to go to bed doubting is this good?" the YouTube content creator said while conversing with Lillian.

Lynn continued by describing her partner as a "loaded tycoon" and adding that he is also highly wealthy in addition to their deep love for one another.

"I just feel like it's given. I feel good about it. I am blessed and the luckiest woman. He's an amazing person and intelligent also. And he's loaded... he's a tycoon," she gushed.

Intriguingly, the two friends disclosed that they are best friends with their partners.