Her prowess in swahili will keep you glowed at the screen for a long time. In an unexpected turn of events, the captivating journalist has openly declared her single status.

To the surprise of many, Mashirima Kapombe has also shared her quest for a life partner, expressing her hope to find someone with whom she can share her future.

The skilled Swahili news anchor made this revelation through a post on her Instagram stories, where she reposted an intriguing video shared by Hot 96 FM brand manager Cynthia Mwangi.

It was actually a humorous video that humorously depicted how different single women were closing their eyes in hopes of finding a partner.

This is because the caption to the video readu'll find a boyfriend when you're not looking".

Now Cynthia Mwangi accompanied the video with a caption saying that she was single, and that she had joined Mashirima Kapombe in looking for a man again.

"@mashirima_kapombe is it we? Nimerudi kwa soko ☺️☺️

We are the ones? Okay we are closing eyes from now on" she wrote.

When Mashirima Kapombe reposted the video, she responded to Cynthia Mwangi by doubting if she was really single.

The Citizen TV anchor said that she was the only one who was single, and therefore she will start closing the eyes so that she can find her man.

"Uongoooooo! @cynthiamwangi Ni Mimi Tu nafunga macho 🤣" Mashirima Kampombe wrote.

Here are the posts.

Mashirima Kapombe keeps her relationship status private

For the longest time now, many have arguably been wondering whether renowned Citizen TV journalist Mashirima Kapombe is currently in a relationship or not.

Despite being a renowned Swahili news anchor who graces screens regularly to deliver news bulletins, Mashirima Kampombe has adeptly kept her personal life under wraps.

Indeed, Mashirima has maintained an impressive level of privacy over the years, leaving many curious about her relationship status. Speculation about whether she has a partner remains unanswered, as she has never publicly revealed any details about her romantic life.

The talented journalist's discretion extends even to the identity of her 9-year-old son, known as Kenga, as the father remains undisclosed. Despite numerous attempts by curious onlookers to uncover this information, Mashirima has managed to keep it a mystery.

Rumors once suggested a romantic involvement between Mashirima and comedian Captain Otoyo, but these speculations were never confirmed by either party.

One thing Mashirima Kapombe has made clear, however, is that she is not yet married. This revelation came to light in February 2023 when she celebrated Kenga's birthday, dispelling assumptions about her marital status.

"I never knew that you had married Captain Otos" the fan said.

In her response however, Mashirima said;

"I am not married"