Stivo Simple Boy finds himself without a home after declining a lucrative 1.3 million deal that would have reunited him with his former girlfriend, Pritty Vishy. The Mihadarati rapper made headlines when he collapsed during a live TV performance, attributing the incident to overwhelming hunger-induced stress.

According to his manager, Chingi Boy, Stivo is currently unreachable due to disturbances caused by his brothers at his rented residence, resulting in the termination of his lease agreement.

Reports of Stivo Simple Boy being evicted from his rented house in Buruburu are spreading rapidly, along with the disclosure that the rapper from Kibra turned down a 1.3 million deal simply because he couldn't collaborate with his former girlfriend, Pritty Vishy.

Stivo's manager, Chingy Boy, has stated that despite their relationship ending some time ago, Pritty Vishy still has good intentions towards Stivo.

Chingy Boy further revealed that it was Pritty Vishy who secured the deal and enlisted Stivo's involvement. Another creative involved in the project was comedian Oga Obinna, who highlighted their exceptional chemistry.