Amber Ray, known for her lavish lifestyle, has transitioned from the serene neighborhood of Kilimani to a sprawling three-story residence in Syokimau. Familiar with the area, Amber recently unveiled their expansive new abode through a humorous skit shared on her social media. The video captures a moment where she nearly stumbles while entering the grand doorway of her new home, adding a touch of playfulness to the announcement.

"Guess who is back in Syokimau? ….. Meeeeeeeeeee! 🥳 This time na bwana yangu 🤣……ni asanda Ngai mwa," she shares her joy.

In the whimsical video reveal, Amber Ray encounters a moment of hilarity as she nearly loses her balance due to the legs of a man lounging on the roadside curb. In a comical twist of events, she inadvertently swipes her credit card before gracefully stumbling into the front door of their new home. As the door swings open, her partner Kennedy Rapudo emerges, cradling their daughter Africannah in his arms. The joyous couple offers a brief glimpse of the exterior of their residence, where their Range Rover and Amber's Jeep are neatly parked, adding to the grandeur of their new abode.

Inspired by Amber Ray's recent relocation, content creator Official Kinuthia expressed his joy and enthusiasm for her exciting news. Known for his frequent changes in residence, Kinuthia has often been playfully labeled as a Kenyan with a penchant for moving homes regularly.

"Alafu niskie mtu ooo kinuthia unapenda kuhama😂😂 actually nimejam house hunting next week," he commented under her IG post.

Other comments about her new location include:

officialvivian_n...This is great,,,, having a home😍, not paying rent

90dfy...At least nimeona Africanah. I had missed her ! ❤️ Also congratulations baby girl . The Na Bwana yangu was so unnecessary though

shes_kemunto....Congratulations Amber , that’s a beautiful home ❤❤

faa_abdul...Congratulations 🎉 Amber you've come along way. God works out things differently