Samuel Muchoki, better known by his stage name Samidoh, is a Mugithi singer and police officer. He has shared a heartbreaking story from his early years that he still finds upsetting.

The controversial 33-year-old entertainer revealed this information in response to a TikTok video that he had seen on his For You page.

The TikTok above post invited users to share any unpleasant things that have ever been said to them or experiences that have left them scarred for life but that they have never spoken out about.

"What statement killed you but you pretended you were okay," the post read. In the comment section, a user shared an intense story involving a relative, which broke them.

The father of five shared his own tragic story on Instagram in response to the comment.

Samidoh recalled how, when he was a high school student, a relative—about whom he remained silent—had refused to give him money so that he could go on a field trip, citing the singer's status as an orphan and telling him to live within his means.

Furthermore, the relative above claimed that activities like the trip were inappropriate for someone like him.

"I once pleaded with 'someone' to offer me Sh. 200 for a school trip to Nakuru Crater, and she was like, Sami unafaa ujue wewe ni yatima hufai kujiwekelea maisha ya juu, (You should know that you are an orphan you should not try and live a high life,)

These are things not even a man with a big heart will ever heal from. Some relatives/parents/guardians can kill you alive!" his post read.