Famous Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed attempted again in November 2023 to break the record for the Longest Cooking Marathon by an Individual held by her country. 

In an attempt to surpass Ireland's Alan Fisher's record of 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds set on November 7, Maliha prepared herself to cook for 150 hours on November 15. 

In 2019, Maliha broke her record of 90 hours and 15 minutes by reaching the 150-hour mark. 

Maliha's confirmation by GWR was never discussed after the victory was celebrated. 

Maliha announced on social media on Saturday, April 13, that she had been disqualified for one mistake she had made during her rest break.

"It is with much sadness to inform my family, friends, fans, sponsors, followers, and everyone who showed love and support towards my journey in November cooking marathon. Upon my manager's advice, I have to let you know I was disqualified for 1 error made during my rest break. I am not okay right now. I ask for your forgiveness to have let you all down . It wasn't easy, but I know God has other plans for me in shaa Allah because what's meant for you will simply find you," Maliha announced.

According to GWR, Maliha's disqualification resulted from extra minutes she took that weren't accrued. 

"Unfortunately it's not permitted to make up rest break as it must only be accumulated. In the interest of fairness across all applicants, we can only approve a record when all the guidelines have been adhered to," GWR said in an email sent to Maliha. 

Maliha had aimed to surpass the previous record set by Alan Fisher (Ireland) in Matsue, Shimane, Japan, between September 28 and October 3, 2023, which stood at 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds. 

Hilda Baci of Nigeria, who cooked for 93 hours and 11 minutes, had been dethroned by Fisher. 

Maliha even had a health scare during the cookathon, which resulted in her momentarily losing consciousness and being escorted out of the cooking area by emergency personnel. 

Throughout it all, Maliha's team posted a video of her being cared for by what appeared to be medical professionals while she was lying on a stretcher. 

Not to be deterred, the chef soon recovered and vowed to persevere until the very end. 

"I am a marathon runner and a conqueror. We're going to the finish line; nothing can stop us," she wrote. 

Maliha gained notoriety at the beginning of August 2023 when she finished an amazing 90-hour and 15-minute home kitchen cooking marathon, breaking the previous record held by Los Angeles, California's Rickey Lumpkin II.

Maliha and her supporters are devastated by her disqualification, but she vows to return stronger and more determined.