Tanzanian gospel artist Christina Shusho has sparked excitement with the revelation of her latest track, "Zakayo."

After her recent performance in Kenya, the singer ignited a frenzy on social media platform X by offering a sneak peek of her upcoming work, generating a wave of anticipation for its release.

The Kenyan online community has been buzzing with anticipation, with many individuals crafting jokes and expressing eagerness for the song's debut.

The source of the Kenyan public's excitement stems from the fact that a segment of Kenyans has bestowed the nickname "Zakayo" upon their president, William Ruto.

This has prompted many to draw parallels between the upcoming song and him, despite the evident absence of any direct association with the president. Below are some reactions from Kenyans:

@kinyuawambiriri: "Itabidi ashuke."

@MwauraWambiru: "Trend Jacking! Shusho is about to make millions from Kenyans for the remaining part of the year! Genius Entrepreneur!"

@abiladawkins: "You have officially been banned from attending end-year celebrations either in Eldoret or Kasarani. Ends."

@gabrieloguda: "Sasa ni wewe ndio utatupeleka Canaan. Run it."

@BravinYuri "Tuambie mapema Lyrics ziko Verse gani tuanze kuzoea."

@kafangi "Utabanniwa kufanya show huku Kenya, chunga."

@Wamkota1 "God has remembered us Kenyans finally. Let Zakayo drop, then come launch it in Kenya."