Khalif Kairo, a well-known businessman specializing in car sales, gained internet attention on Monday after introducing his girlfriend to the public. However, the woman he married reportedly had previous relationships, and Kenyans shared her past photos on the internet.

Despite the criticisms he received, Kairo remained unfazed and responded with confidence. He expressed his love for the girl and emphasized that her past photos could not sway his decision. Kairo affirmed his happiness with her and asserted that her past has no bearing on their relationship. He made it clear to those trolling him that he had no intention of leaving her because of the photos.

"Siku hizi ni designer clothes daily, Nakula fiti ,weekends sikosi form, business trips niko na PA , Pesa inaflow, parents are proud, maisha zero drama na online scandals za wamama ni ziliisha. Yaani positive vibes tu. Na mnafikiria nitakaachilia ju ya picha za 2022?" Kairo said.

Many of his followers have praised him for his unwavering support and protection of his partner.