Tanasha Donna, a musician from Kenya, recently had lip fillers to plump her lips. However, since her lips initially appeared swollen, many fans criticized her decision.

Pastor Victor Kanyari is one of those who voiced their thoughts about the matter in public.

Regarding Tanasha's decision to enlarge her lips, Pastor Kanyari appeared to be generally troubled on Tiktok Live.

“Kwa nini Tanasha anapenda kuwa na mdomo kubwa hivyo eti nikaskia amefanywa operation na akapanuliwa mdomo wake nikasema ooh amepanuliwa mdomo,” the controversial preacher said.

He continued by requesting assistance from his followers in understanding why women alter their bodies.

"Sijui kama naeza pata mtu anielezee kwa nini wasichana wanapenda kuwa na mdomo kubwa, makalio makubwa na matiti kubwa,” he said.

Tanasha Donna blasted Pastor Victor Kanyari for criticizing her lip fillers in retaliation.

She revealed that the first picture was taken before her lips had fully healed, and she requested that the pastor look into the matter further before passing judgment.

“This was day 2/3 of filler and my lips were still swollen. The swelling has subsided by far. Fillers are also not permanent. Educate Yourselves On Cosmetology Before Yapping," she said.

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