The relationship between Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy and his former girlfriend Pritty Vishy has been further elaborated. 

Stevo Simple Boy ensured that it was known that he was the prize and that Pritty Vishy would have to pay for his services in an interview with Eve Nyaga and Director Trevor. 

Stevo disclosed that for Stevo to get Pritty Vishy pregnant and pay for a wedding, Pritty Vishy would need to give up Ksh 1 million.

“Pritty Vishy Akitaka Nimpachike Mimba Anilipe 1 Million, Akitaka Harusi Anilipe 2 Million,” he said.

The "Mihadarati" hitmaker and Pritty Vishy broke up in the first part of March 2022.

 In a recent interview with Oga Obinna, Pritty Vishy revealed that she broke up with Stevo because she is from a different tribe. 

According to Pritty, Stevo's brothers detested her, and Stevo's mother detested the town she hails from. 

Speaking with Nicholas Kioko after their breakup, Pritty Vishy disclosed that her dowry price had increased to Ksh. 2 million. 

Stevo responded by calling Vishy's dowry demands excessively extravagant and unrealistic.