Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has gained notoriety due to accusations made against his previous partner, Pritty Vishy. Even before Stevo became well-known, the two were romantically involved for several years. 

But they broke up early in 2022, and since then, Stevo has moved on and wed a different woman, with whom he hasn't been spotted recently. 

On the other hand, Vishy has made multiple references to being in a relationship, but her current romantic situation is still being determined. 

But Stevo recently stated to Kenya Online Media in an interview,

"If she wants us to get back together, she should bring half a million, and if she wants me to impregnate her, she should bring 1 million. If she wants us to get married, 2 million," the rapper said, seemingly serious.

Pritty, not one to back down, responded to Stevo's remarks with a direct challenge. She declared, "He should have the guts to say those words to my face." This bold statement hints at a potential face-off between the two.

"As soon as I wake up, I'm going to see that artist to say those words he's blurting out to my face; I see trouble walking," she wrote.

Pritty had earlier acknowledged that she had decided to break up with Stevo. The socialite declared that she would not reconcile with Him, even if he begged for another chance. 

However, it was claimed that the two never had a romantic relationship because Stevo Simple Boy allegedly wanted to wait for marriage before being intimate with the 21-year-old entertainer.