Popular Kikuyu musician Samidoh Muchoki has once again ignited a social media storm after posting a photo on Instagram that has left his followers with mixed reactions. In the photo, Samidoh is seen posing with USA-based content creator Bernice Saroni, who happens to be a close friend of his ex-wife, Eddy Nderitu. The image shows Bernice leaning on Samidoh's shoulder, fueling speculation about the nature of their relationship.

However, it was the caption that accompanied the photo, which really got people talking. Samidoh wrote, "In case we ever did something wrong with you and you feel like you want to confess it, I should not be mentioned in that confession at all. That is nonsense" The cryptic message has been interpreted in many ways, with some seeing it as a veiled reference to his past relationships.

Bernice Saroni quickly responded to the post, daring Samidoh to challenge her, and threatening to reveal all the secrets she knew about him. Her comment further fueled the fire, leading many of Samidoh's followers to speculate about what might be happening. The comments section was flooded with reactions, with some people even bringing up Samidoh's baby mama, Karen Nyamu, into the conversation.

Others have praised Samidoh for seemingly being on good terms with his ex-wife, with some even suggesting that he is "going back to the right route." Bernice Saroni further fueled the buzz by sharing the photo on her Instagram stories, indicating that she is on good terms with her friend's ex-husband. The drama surrounding Samidoh's personal life is nothing new.